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Playing Our Part

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

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As a little girl, The Diary of Anne Frank left me in tears, shock, horror and awe. She was literally living in hell and found ways to laugh, sing, find reason after reason to see the good in humanity. I had read slave narratives that contained the same kind wonder about life and they, too, astounded me. Why? Despite their everything, their hearts stayed OPEN! How?!

Today, in one of these times of great despair, I turn back to the wisdom of those who lived through equally disparaging times to guide me through. In the ocean of hopelessness it is easy to not see the shore of miracles or remember that we know how to swim. When I focus on my gifts, what I can do, offer, use to uplift, support, encourage and partner with others, that's when I start swimming towards those shores of Miracles. I can't wait for rescue and neither can you. Don't wait another minute to improve the world. Start swimming!

LET LOVE LEAD you to stop drowning in sorrow and join groups of people committed to problem solving; to developing creative political, economical and environmental solutions. Get IN-volved. Start swimming! We need you!

Blessings! Anasuya

Thank you!

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